Patients Goggle 645-1525/2800-3300/10600 nm

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Reference number: UNV-G2001-616

Laser safety goggles for patients according to DIN EN 207 with glass filter and a daylight transmission of 40 %.


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Laser goggles for patients

Lasers have found their way into many areas of industry, medicine and research. Accordingly, laser protection is essential for the safe handling of these intensive beam sources of different wavelength, power and radiation mode. The CE certification guarantees compliance with the valid standards according to international and European optical and laser standards (DIN EN 207 / EN208).

Laser Safety Goggle according to DIN EN 207 for patients

  • Laser protection for patients
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Adjustable cord
  • Can be sterilized by an autoclave
  • Ideal for medical practices and clinics

  • Filter material: Glass
  • Filter color: Green*
  • Daylight transmission: 40 %
  • (*the picture shows one filter color as an example only)

Optical density:
See filter curve in the picture gallery

Protection values:
190-315 D LB9 + IR LB4
645-1400 DIR LB3
660-1400 DIR LB4
675-1360 DIR LB5
685-1345 DIR LB6
695-1300 D LB6 + IR LB7
720-1250 D LB6 + I LB7 + R LB8
>1400-1525 DI LB3
2800-3300 DI LB4
10600 DI LB4