Osela Random Pattern Projector - The premium laser for structured lighting

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Reference number: L2S-RPP-Laser

Pseudo Random Pattern Projector for your 3D Machine Vision application. Available in the standard or compact dimensions.


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Random Pattern Projector for 3D Machine Vision applications

The Random Pattern Projector (RPP) from Osela creates up to 57,446 points. Based on the idea of a game consoles manufacturer, this basic idea was adopted for the machine vision and implemented in an industrial design.
The laser projects a divergent and randomly arranged dot pattern. The pattern is symmetrically arranged with respect to the center. Each defined bright point position is surrounded by at least 8 dark points, which means that no overlap can occur when measuring ordinary objects.


  • Large number of points
  • Wavelengths: 660 and 830 nm
  • Individual optical options
  • Externally focussable
  • High Pointing and focus stability
  • Laser classes 1 and 3B
  • Protected against: ESD, reverse polarity, over temperature and overvoltage
  • 2 year warranty


  • 3D machine vision
  • Gesture recognition
  • Volume measurements
  • Bin picking