Telecentric Laser Projector from Osela

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Reference number: L2S-TLP-Laser

This particular type of laser provides a telecentric laser line with a constant line length and width for your working range. Therefore it is intended for high-precision surface inspections e.g. the smallest structures on electronic circuit boards.


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Telecentric Laser Projector from Osela

Optical inspection of small geometries such as Ball Grid Arrays, or structures on silicon wafers requires illumination with very specific properties.

Due to its very thin and homogeneous line the telecentric laser projector can make finest structures visible. The polarized laser beam delivers a collimated line with a constant width in the working range. This results in best reflections on the test object as well reduced occlusions.

We offer models in different wavelengths for various distances and line lengths


  • collimated line
  • constant line thickness along the line
  • reduced occlusion in the image
  • very thin line thicknesses can be realized

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