High Precision Custom Crystal Optics

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High precision crystal optics designed specifically for optics, mirrors, surface tolerances and surface finishes.


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With Laser Optics, you not only get over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-performance optical components and thin film coatings. We excel at being a preferred OEM supply chain partner for the production and prototyping of custom optics and coatings. Over the years we have leveraged our in-house expertise to develop advanced manufacturing techniques while maintaining process control and utilizing our extensive metrology capabilities.

Need something highly specialized and difficult? We routinely deliver custom components and assemblies to stringent specifications and from challenging materials. Our experienced staff can provide custom ptics specific to your application from your prints.

Laser Optics provides in-house fabrication and coating of plano, spherical lens, elliptical, toroidal, and prismatic optics from a ide range of glasses, fused silica and crystalline materials such as quartz, indium antimonide, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, YLF and silicon. Our in-house coating facility contains ten coating chambers including three large box coaters equipped for thermal evaporation. Electron beam and ion assisted deposition are available for an extensive range of applications and wavelengths. Our strict control over manufacturing processes and quality assurance ensure that every component or assembly that we deliver exceeds all specifications.

Laser Optics has broad experience in the production of custom coatings, with special expertise in the design of multiwavelength, wide angle and polarization specific coatings. With coating chambers equipped for thermal electron beam and ion-assisted deposition, we can choose the optimum process to meet application requirements at wavelengths that range from 0.20 microns to 16 microns.

We fabricate optical components from crystalline materials for specific applications that are enabled by the properties of the crystal. These properties can include optical transmission, power handling, lattice spacing, and polarization effects. We encourage you to contact us with prints for optics specific to your application.

Laser Optics provides in-house fabrication and coating of plano, spherical lens, elliptical, toroidal, and prismatic optics from a ide range of glasses, fused silica and crystalline materials

Laser Optics provides in-house fabrication and coating of high precision custom crystal optics, such as plano, squerical, elliptical, toroidal, and prismatic optics from a wide range of materials. These materials include optical glasses, fused silica, crystalline materials such as

  • quartz
  • indium antimonid (InSb)
  • zink selenide (ZnSe)
  • zink sulfide (ZnS)
  • yttrium lithium fluorid (YLF)
  • silicon (Si)

and many metals.

Component sizes range from 0.2'' up to 30'' in diamter. Our technicians routinely hold figure tolerances of 1/20th wave or better, angluar tolerances <1arc second, and surface quality of 10/5 or better

Product and Capability Overview:

1. Custom/OEM Optics:

  • Materials and tolerances
  • Flats and windows
  • Etalons
  • Wedges
  • Prisms
  • Lenses
  • Reticules and test patterns
  • Optical assembly capability
  • X-Ray crystals

2. X-Ray Toroids

3. Optical Coating:

  • High power laser coatings
  • AR coatings
  • Partial reflectors
  • Dichroic filters
  • Beam folding mirrors
  • Lower power laser coatings
  • High reflection enhanced metallic mirrors
  • Polarizing beam splitter coatings
  • Neutral density filters

4. Birefringent Optics:

  • Birefringent beam displacers
  • Birefringent wegdes
  • Quartz rotators
  • Crystal polarizers
  • Crystal depolarizers
  • Birefringent polarizers

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