Converter optic, IR

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Reference number: DAT-Converter-IR

IR converter optics for Beam Profiler for measuring intensity distribution in the NIR range between 1480 and 1600 nm.


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The IR-converter enables standard CCD cameras to image in the NIR range 1495-1595 nm. The converting module is inserted between a large format lens and a digital camera to give an instant imaging system which extends sensitivity into the telecoms wavelength bands.


  • Extends the range of Si-based cameras to 1495 - 1595 nm
  • High resolution, low distortion and good uniformity
  • No image fading or lag
  • Large AR coated input window and optics
  • Cost effective

Parameter: Specification
Active Area: ø 27.5 mm
Spectral sensitivity: 1495 to 1595 nm
Peak conversion: 1510 and 1540 nm (no flat curve, multi-peak response)
Converted output: 950 to 1075 nm
Distortion: -1.0% barell distortion (inverted image)
Linearity: non-linear
Spectral transmission: 360 - 2000 nm @ F30.8
Max. illumination: 1 W/cm2 (damage threshold)
Dynamic range: 48 dB with digital cameras
Lens mount: C-Mount (adapters for others available on request)
Camera format: 1/2" format or greater
Dimensions: ø 46 mm x 97 mm, 210 g
Operating temp. range: -10° to +40°C

Further information can be found on the datasheet as additional information for download.