beam reducer - Afocal

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Reference number: DAT-Beamreducer

This optical beam reducer to be connected to the C-mount a camera WinCamD-ray analysis is used when the beam diameter of the laser is much greater than the sensor chip or of the taper.


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What diameter can be collected?

The most frequently sold systems UCD12and UCD23 has a shorter side of the chip (5 or 7 mm). 
It follows from this - always assuming a Gaussian distribution of the beam profile - a maximum measurable beam diameter of 2 to 3 mm. 
The TaperCam has 20 mm x 15 mm aperture, the possibility beam diameter up to max. To measure 8 mm. 
Using a Afokals the beam diameter is reduced, so that a maximum beam diameter of up to 45 mm can be measured. 

The following types of stand available:

Productcode Reduction ratio max. Apertur
DAT-BE-2x-X 2x 13 mm
DAT-BE-5x-X 5x 20 mm
DAT-BE-10x-X 10x 30 mm
DAT-BE-15x-X 15x 45 mm

Please select the appropriate coating of the wavelength range:

Productcode Wavelength range (nm)
DAT-BE-xy-A 350 ... 650
DAT-BE-xy-B 650 ... 1050
DAT-BE-xy-C 1050 ... 1620

The current software can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website.

The complete documentation for beam profile analysis of DataRay click here.