Hyperspectral Benchtop System - Reflectance


Reference number: RES-KIT-BenchtopRefl

The Benchtop System - Reflectance is a versatile instrument for acquiring high quality reflectance data in a laboratory environment. Its comprehensive hardware and software suite makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.


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Benchtop System - Reflectance Configuration

The Benchtop System - Reflectance Configuration is used in laboratory environments to acquire reflectance data. A Resonon Pushbroom hyperspectral camera is mounted on a tower while the sample is placed on a linear motorized stage below the camera and illuminated from above. During data acquisition, the stage moves and displaces the sample below the camera. The camera and stage are controlled using Spectronon software.

Stable, broadband illumination over the entire measured spectral range is provided by high-intensity 6-lamp halogen illumination. Both the imager and the illumination are vertically adjustable along the tower.

The Laboratory Benchtop Systems contain all the necessary hardware and software to acquire and analyze hyperspectral data.

The Benchtop systems can be equipped with one of Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the spectral range from 330 to 1700 nm.

System Components:

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Camera & Lens (sold separately).
  • Linear translation stage
  • Mounting tower
  • 6-lamp halogen illumination with stabilized power supply
  • Pre-installed Spectronon software on laptop computer
  • Calibration plate

Optional halogen line illumination can be purchased in place of the 6-lamp halogen illumination. Both the line illumination and the 6-lamp illumination can be purchased as stand-alone add-on kits to customize existing benchtop systems.

The Resonon "Black Box", an optional add-on for the Benchtop system, allows for the suppression of unwanted ambient light without having to turn off the room lighting.