Hyperspectral Imaging System - Outdoor Field


Reference number: RES-KIT-Outdoor

The Outdoor Field System is the perfect tool for researchers, scientists and professionals who demand portability and precision in hyperspectral imaging. Its comprehensive features, ease of use and adaptability make it a perfect companion for a variety of applications - especially outside the lab.


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Hyperspectral imaging in the wild - the Outdoor Field System

The Outdoor Field System is a portable hyperspectral imaging system designed for effortless data collection in field applications where portability is paramount. This all-in-one solution includes all the necessary hardware and software components so you can acquire and analyze hyperspectral data with precision and efficiency.

Precise hyperspectral data without laboratory conditions

The Outdoor Field System consists of a pushbroom hyperspectral camera mounted on a specially modified tripod with a motorized rotating head. This setup ensures comprehensive scene scanning and data acquisition. Spectronon software provides seamless control of the imager and rotary head, simplifying the data acquisition process.

Easy data conversion and analysis

Raw data is effortlessly converted to radiance and reflectance using radiometric calibration data and a calibration standard placed in the scene. The calibration standard is a special marquee with a known (usually flat) reflectance that ensures accurate data conversion. Spectronon software handles these tasks efficiently and simplifies your workflow.

Versatile spectral range and adaptability

The Outdoor Field System supports all Resonon hyperspectral cameras covering the spectral range from 330 to 1700 nm. This adaptability ensures compatibility with different applications and research requirements.

The Outdoor Field System includes:

  • Hyperspectral imaging camera & lens (sold separately).
  • Motorized rotary head
  • Tripod with laptop holder
  • Spectronon software pre-installed on a rugged laptop computer
  • Radiometric calibration for one lens
  • Calibration standard
  • Independent power supply
  • Protective case

Experience the versatility of hyperspectral imaging

The Outdoor Field System is ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Agriculture:

    Assessing crop condition, monitoring nutrient levels, and detecting pests and diseases.
  • Environmental Monitoring:

    Tracking water quality, identifying pollutant sources, and assessing ecosystem health.
  • Mineral Exploration:

    Identification of mineral deposits and assessment of their composition.
  • Forensics:

    Analysis of evidence and identification of trace substances.