Audio Alert System

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Reference number: LMT-AA-04

The audio alert system is a speaker with up to 40 seconds long automatic text message that is combined with the interlock control systems.


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Audio Alert System from Lasermet

The Audio Alert system is a local public address system that audibly delivers a pre-programmed message when triggered. The message is heard from a speaker integrated into the compact unit, which is triggered – either by switching the unit on (by applying 24 V DC), or by movement being detected by a passive infrared detector built into the unit. Speakers with automatic text message. 

Features of the Audio Alert System

Text content can be preprogrammed to 40 seconds. Activation of the announcement about 24 V signal or via infrared motion sensor. The audio alert system can be combined with the interlock control systems ICS-5 and ICS 6. So warning lights can be combined with an audible announcement. 

Features of the Audio Alert System

  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • Weight 250 g
  • Power consumption 20 mA (0.48 W) in standby
  • 300 mA (7.2 W) when activated
  • Dimensions 160 mm x 108 mm x 39 mm (W x H x D)


  • Activation via 24 V power supply
  • Activation via passive IR sensor
  • IP65 version with battery operation available