Phrontier - USB 3.0 Active Cables

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Reference number: PHT-Active Kabel

The PHORCE product family is designed to extend the SuperSpeed USB3.0 connections beyond the typical 3 meter reach of copper cables


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PHRONTIER Technologies USB3.0 Fiber Extender

The unique feature of PHORCE family is its transparent operation. The connected remote USB devices appear as local devices to the host PC. PHORCE system consists of a PHORCE-PC card, which is installed in the PCIe slots in the host computer, and a PHORCE-RE box, which provides two USB3.0 root hut ports at the remote site of the application. The remote USB ports comply with USB3.0 specifications and are backward compatible with USB2.0 devices and platforms. PHORCE also works with USBVision cameras for machine vision applications.

Key Features Supports the following data rate

  • Super-Speed 5Gb/s
  • High- Speed 480Mb/s
  • Full-Speed 12Mb/s
  • Low-Speed 1.5Mb/s
  • Low power consumption <1.75W
  • Secure power connector with locking mechanism
  • Provide optical isolation
  • Host processor and OS independent
  • Compact size


  • Solar panel or glass panel inspection
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • High speed printing inspection
  • Automatic product inspection
  • Precision surface inspection
  • High resolution and intelligent security surveillance
  • Intelligent traffic control and license plate reading
  • High resolution images and real-time analysis for science,
  • sports and automobile tests
  • Remote data storage