Phrontier PHANTA - Camera Link Multiplexer

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Reference number: PHT-PHANTA

High end splitter


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The PHANTA product family is designed for Camera Link cameras where the captured images need to be distributed to more than one frame grabbers. Applications include intensive parallel image processing, image monitoring and real time image analysis. All products support maximum pixel clock rate at 85MHz. Three options are available for user's applications. 1) 1-to-4 splitter for full/medium/base configuration. 2) Two integrated 1-to-4 splitters for base configuration. 3) 1-to-8 splitter for base configuration. A master frame grabber can be designated by user to control and configure the camera. Image data and camera control signals are independently controlled by DIP switches or via COM port of a PC. All image data will be transmitted to all frame grabbers synchronously and identically.


  • Fully supports Camera Link cameras/framegrabbers up to 85MHz pixel clock for full/medium/base configurations
  • User selectable master frame grabber
  • Independently controlled image data path, control signal path and serial communication path for maximum signal routing flexibility
  • Output ports can be shut off independently when not used to avoid signal glitch to frame grabbers
  • Reconditioned and synchronized output
  • Standard 1U 19" chassis for easy mounting
  • An array of LED indicators summarize operation status
  • Accept wide range 10V~24V DC power supply
  • Alternative input power terminal for custom power supply
  • Optional locking power supply connector
  • Provide optional DC output power for cameras

Can be seamlessly used with our PHOX, PHIRE and PHAST fiber extenders for extended distance