Phrontier PHAST - Compact Camera Link Fiber Adapter

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Reference number: PHT-PHAST

Compact Camera Link fiber adapter for direct plugging into the camera and framegrabber. Fully supports all Camera Link configurations: Base, Medium and Full.


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PHAST Camera Link Fiber Adapter

For all applications where space is a problem but full functionality is required. Two models are offered, which differ only in their pixel clock. Transmission distances of the Camera Link signal of up to 600 m are no longer a problem.

Key features

  • Supports Camera Link Base, Medium, and Full configurations
  • Supports the most demanding 10 taps x8 bits extended full configuration
  • Provides 670 Mbytes/s effective image data bandwidth
  • Plugs directly into cameras and framegrabbers without any Camera Link cables, saving both space and cost (MDR26 or SDR26 with adapter)
  • Single 5~24 VDC power supply
  • Two LC duplex fiber interface
  • Transmission distance - up to 250 m with OM2 and 600 m with OM3 50/125um multimode fiber
  • Compact size (LxWxH) - 59.1 mm x 39.4 mm x 17 mm

Available models

Model Pixel Clock [MHz]
PHT-PHF-66-M025 24 - 66
PHT-PHF-85-M025 60 - 85

Both systems support Base, Medium and Full configurations with up to 10 taps x 8 bits at a maximum data rate of up to 670 MB/s.

Included items

  • 1x CM-Base (transmitter)
  • 1x CM-Full (transmitter)
  • 1x FG-Base (receiver)
  • 1x FG-Full (receiver)
  • 2x 12V DC output international wall mount AC/DC power adapters with cable assembly