NoTail™ Drop-in Coupler

NoTail™ Drop-in Coupler
  • NoTail™ Drop-in Coupler

Reference number: GPC-NTC

These connectorized couplers are free of fiber pigtails and ready to be inserted in optical systems without the headaches of tinkering with fragile and messy fiber pigtails.


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NoTail™ Drop-in Coupler

Another important feature of these devices is the short optical path delay (~30 cm) between the input and the output, desirable in many systems where the optical path balance is important, such as interferometric systems, ultra-short pulse systems, and fiber laser systems. Additionally, these devices have four strong magnets mounted on the back for temporary but secure
placement on standard optical tables.


  • Wide operating bandwidth
  • Short optical path delay
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Easy to integrate into fiber optical systems
  • Low excess loss
  • High temperature stability


  • Power monitoring and sharing
  • CATV
  • Local area networks