04/08/2021 | Xenics: New Laser 2000 Partner

Kunstfälschung mit Hilfe von Spektroskopie aufdecken

The Xenics product range based on InGaAs (Indium gallium arsenide) revolutionizes short-wave infrared spectroscopy and industrial image processing. Thanks to this portfolio expansion, Laser 2000 can now offer its customers high-end sensors and cameras with high image quality for a wide range of applications.

"We see great potential in the innovative application field of infrared wavelengths. With Xenics, we have now been able to win one of the major European camera manufacturers for short-wave infrared for our entire sales area. The systems are successfully used, for example, in thermal imaging and thermography. Our customers benefit from such innovative solutions," explains Andreas Börner, Managing Director at Laser 2000.

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