08/05/2020 | 10 % for Universities and Research Institutes

Free Webinar Alcor Lasers

DataRay is a world market leader in the field of beam profiling and offers beam profiling cameras for a wavelength range of 190 nm - 16 µm** for beam diameters from 2µm** - several 100 mm**. The portfolio also includes slit scanners, 50 or 200 mm long M² stages for measuring beam quality and further accessories.

With our long-standing and successful partner DataRay, we now support our universities and research institutes with a 10% discount.*

With all variants, you benefit from a comprehensive software package with free installation option of any number of licenses. In addition to the usual standard functions for laser beam diagnostics, the DataRay software also offers some special features such as:

  • ISO 11146 compliant measurements
  • M2 and divergence measurements
  • Supports independent tracking of up to 8 lasers
  • Interfacing via ActiveX OCX object with examples in LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python,...
  • PDF report generated with user entered notes
  • and many more

Please contact Eugenie Strasser for more information.

*excluded products: DAT-TaperCamD-LCM, DAT-WinCamD-IRBB, DAT-WincamD-QD-I550
**dependent on model