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The provision of highly available and secure IT services in data centers and enterprise networks requires the use of suitable components and systems. Measurement and monitoring solutions not only support installation and maintenance, but also secure the operation of these networks. 


Cabling and transmission technology forms the basis of an enterprise or data center network. 

For very short distances in the data center environment, e.g. Direct Attached Cables (DAC) based on copper are often still used. For higher data rates such as 10G, 100G, 400G, or in the future also 800G, multimode and singlemode optical fibers are state of the art. Higher packing densities can be realized by multi-fiber connections.

Media converters allow transparent conversion from copper to fiber or from multimode to singlemode. Pluggable transceivers enable adaptation to different transmission media or distances.

Data center interconnection (DCI)

The interconnection of two sites via own or leased optical fiber can be realized with the help of optical transport. These Data Center Interconnect solutions are scalable and adjustable to individual requirements.

Testing and certification

Copper and fiber testers are available for verifying the correct installation of the cabling infrastructure or troubleshooting during operation. 

Network performance monitoring

The integrity of the signal transmission and the transmission link can be realized by suitable monitoring equipment.

Fiber monitoring using OTDR or protocol test tools ensure the physical functioning of the network infrastructure. Cloud-based workflow management and test solutions provide automation of such tasks.

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