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Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and chemical imaging have been increasingly employed in the recent years for applications in various fields including agriculture, food science and pharmaceuticals. 

Hyperspectral imaging is using both conventional imaging and spectroscopy to obtain spatial and spectral information about an object. Each pixel contains a representation of the light spectrum coming from the analyzed object (either by reflection, transmission, or fluorescence) That spectrum is then used to analyze the chemical composition of object. 

Bacteria analysis

From counting to age determination, the identification of a bacteria colony spectrum can provide a lot of information with high resolution images, it is possible to identify specific bacterium and to follow accurately their reproduction rate or, in the opposite, the effect of a antibacterial substance.

Bioluminescence, Biofluorescence and Biophosphorescence

Bioluminescence is the natural production of light by chemical reactions within an organism.

Biofluorescence and biophosphorescence are the absorption and then reemission of light from the natural environment. 

Biofluorescence describes the absorption of an emission of photons (exciting light source) This absorption will raise temporarily the energy state of some electrons and light will be emitted while the electron is going back to its original state

Biophosphorescence is similar in its requirement: a specific exciting light source. The difference is that there is the relative stability of the energized electron. Unlike with biofluorescence, here the electron remains more stable, with a longer delay in emitting light.

Resolving multiple emissions from different biological targets in video rate applications has traditionally been limited by using filter-based imaging systems.

Hyperspectral cameras can be used in reflectance imaging systems in the near infrared range to easily evaluate the suitability of fluorescent contrast agents. 

The key to a satisfying result is the right lighting device . With our large portfolio of light sources (Laser sources, LED and superluminescent diodes), we can assist you to design your application.

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