Vision is an essential sense for humans. In order to be able to better heal eye diseases, it is therefore essential to precisely understand how it works. Photonics, with its imaging, measuring and processing techniques, offers an ideal toolbox for this purpose. Lasers have become particularly popular for minimally invasive corrections of visual acuity in recent years.

In imaging techniques, the various types of fluorescence microscopy are used in particular to examine the retina. This is used to research how images are created and processed in the retina. But it can also be used to better understand eye diseases.

Pulsed lasers with high pulse energies are successfully used to correct vision. In the most common procedure, a flap (FLAP) is cut into the cornea with a femtosecond laser and then an exactly calculated curvature is lasered into the cornea with an excimer laser. In this procedure, the laser acts as a laser scalpel. However, it is also used to ablate corneal tissue and enables accurate and minimal interventions.

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