Axial lighting systems

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Reference number: DCM-SAC

Compact axial illumination for low-reflection surface inspection.


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DCM-SAC compact coaxial illumination for shadow-free illumination

The compact diffuse axial illumination allows a very good surface inspection on many surfaces. The light from the axis of the lens illuminates the surface, the shadows and reflections are avoided in order to be able to reliably recognize, for example: surface labeling (OCR, OCV). packaging films become transparent with the illumination type so that underlying surfaces can be inspected.

There are different sizes available. The lighting unit should be slightly larger than the component to be inspected.

Produktname width depth
DCM-SAC0505A 50mm 50mm
DCM-SAC0808A 75mm 75mm

White and red are the standard light colors. White is ideal to look at differently colored Articles to achieve a constant brightness. For use with a color camera, white is also usually necessary.
The monochromatic wavelengths in conjunction with bandpass filters make it possible to eliminate interfering signals Ambient and daylight within the BV unit. When using multiple cameras and different wavelengths with Bandpass filters allow multiple measurement channels that work simultaneously to be integrated into one system.

Existing wavelength

colour wavelength
blue 470nm
green 525nm
red 630nm
IR 880nm
IR+ 940nm
white 4100°K
Further On demand

product matrix

Model Module Version -wavelength operating mode
DCM-SAC 0505A -470 C*
0808A -525 S**

*C = CW Mode (Continues wave)
** S = Strobe (Flash)

Example: DCM-SAC0808A-470-S Axial illumination system with 75mm x 75mm illumination area and 470nm flashlight.

There are different flash drivers available. The VST11L has a trigger input and a lamp output, with the VST33I you have access to 3 inputs and outputs. The systems are programmable via a terminal and designed for DIN rail mounting. Alternative are also special Powerful EPI-STROBE drivers available.