Diffused axial lighting system

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Reference number: DCM-SAX

This lighting produces a very diffused light from the camera axis. Reflections and shadows are perfectly eliminated with this technology.


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DCM-SAX lighting system

These systems allow to light, from the camera axis through a diffused light, objects for their inspection, avoiding shadows and shines.

Model Width* Height*
DCM-SAX0505A 50mm 50mm
DCM-SAX1010A 100mm 100mm
DCM-SAX1515A 150mm 150mm
DCM-SAX2020A 200mm 200mm
DCM-SAX2515A 250mm 150mm

* Width and height of the emission window

Available Wavelength

Colour Wavelength
Blue 470nm
Green 525nm
Red 630nm
White 4100°K
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Product matrix

Model Version -Wavelength Type
DCM-SAX 0505A -470 C*
1010A -525 S**
1515A -630
2020A -W00

*C = CW Mode (Continues wave)
**S = Strobe

DCM-SAX1515A-470S Diffused axial lighting system with 150 mm x 150 mm lighting area and 470nm as strobe version.

There are 2 strobe controller available. The VST11L has one in- and output. The VST33I has 3 open collector outputs. The System has a PC Serial Communication or PLC connection.