IR-Vision Device 350 - 1550 nm C-Mount

IR-SIchtgerät 350 - 1550 nm C-Mount
  • IR-SIchtgerät 350 - 1550 nm C-Mount
  • IR-SIchtgerät 350 - 1550 nm C-Mount

Reference number: FJW-84499C-5

Display device for adjustment of infrared lasers that are not in the visible range.


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The use of IR and UV radiation has become commonplace in many areas of industry and research and development today. However, the radiation in the infrared part of the spectrum is no longer visible to the human eye from a wavelength greater than 700 nm. Also not visible is the UV range below about 400 nm. To perform certain activities, such. As the adjustment of beam guiding optics, it is therefore necessary to make the IR or UV radiation visible. Cost-effective tools for visualizing IR or UV radiation are vision devices based on image converter tubes. The Find-R-Scope series offers the right viewing device for every application.

IR-Viewing devices up to 1550 nm
The models FJW-84499B-5 and FJW-84499C-5 are identical to the versions FJW-84499B and FJW-84499C, but the sensitivity range is extended to 1550 nm. This z. B. the wavelengths for the communication area almost covered. For the FJW-84499B-5 model, the included 25mm lens can be replaced with any C-mount lens as needed.



Wavelength range

350 nm -1550 nm


40 lp/mm

Standard lens

25 mm, f/1.0

Field of view standard lens


Focus area Standard lens

50 cm

Lens changeable


Power supply


Operating hours per battery

Ca. 250

Contact Laser2000 for many optional accessories:

  • Lens for viewing area below 15 cm distance
  • Infrared / UV filter for hiding visible light
  • C-mount lens with iris
  • Iris diaphragm for intensity reduction
  • Objective lens with 2x magnification