Acousto Optical Q-Switches

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Reference number: BRI-AO-Güteschalter

Acousto Optical Q-Switches with driver and datasheet.


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Wavelengths: 200 nm to 4,5 µm

Center Frequencies: 24 MHz to 80 MHz

Aktive Apertures: 3 mm to 1 mm

Damage Thresholds: up to 100 W/mm2

Rise Time: 150 ns to 80 ns

Digital Modulation Bandwidth: 2 MHz to 20 MHz

Optical Transmission: 95% to 99,8%

Diffraction Efficiencies: 65% to 25%

Bragg Angle: 2,5 mrad to 7 mrad

Separation Angle: 5 mrad to 14 mrad

RF-Power: 1 W to 15 W

Drivers are available optimized for each Q-Switch.

For more details please see the datasheet in the download section on the right hand side.