Raman Liquid Flow Cell

Raman Liquid Flow Cell
  • Raman Liquid Flow Cell

Reference number: BWT-BAC160

Liquid sampling flow cell from B&W Tek for on-line Raman or Fluorescence Process monitoring of luquids


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Flow Cell for Raman or Fluorescence Spectroscopy

The Liquid Flow Cell provides a sampling platform with high throughput and stability for use with our laboratory probes (9.5mm). It is ideal for observing kinetic reaction studies or dissolution testing via Raman spectroscopy in real-time either on-line or in the laboratory.

The flow cell is deigned to be liquid tight and inert. The BWT-BAC160 flow cell is constructed in 316 stainless steel or titanium with a Kalrez O-ring and fused silica windows to create a chemically resistant seal. It offers an economical interface for use with a variety of chemical and biological processes, providing reliability and repeatability for on-line process monitoring. The flow cell is easy to install and take apart for occasional cleaning.


  • Liquid Process Sampling
  • Raman or Fluorescence Measurements
  • Lab and On-line Applications
  • OEM Building Block
  • On-line Optical Monitoring
  • Reaction Kinetics