Raman Probe Holder

Raman Probe Holder
  • Raman Probe Holder

Reference number: BWT-BAC150B

With the Raman Probe holder from B&W Tek, the distance and position to the sample can be precisely adjusted by adjusting the XYZ axis.


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Raman Probe holder for B&W Tek's Raman probe

The BAC150B has XYZ axis adjustment; the Z axis is vertical and is used to focus the laser to ensure the best Raman excitation and collection ability. The X/Y adjustment is achieved through two layers of a mechanical stage, which is also the working plate for samples. By adjusting the X/Y stage, you can obtain Raman spectra from anywhere on the sample.
The BAC150B is versatile for a variety of samples, allowing for the measurement of both very small samples and those weighing a few kilograms.

The BAC150B is ideal for applications which require a stable and fixed sample location with precise focus adjustment. It provides the capacity to optimize the focus through coarse and fine Z-axis adjustment.


  • Chemical Analysis of Solids, Powders, Films
  • Semiconductors and Carbon Nanotubes
  • Medical Diagnostics and Bioscience
  • Materials Science, Polymer Science
  • Art and Archaeology
  • Forensic Analysis