Raman Microscope

Industrial Raman Probe
  • Industrial Raman Probe

Reference number: BWT-BAC151

The compact and flexible Raman microscope from B&W Tek offers the highest requirements for applications in the field of Raman spectroscopy.


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Compact and flexible Raman Microscope

The BAC151 is a compact Raman microscope compatible with B&W Tek portable Raman systems. It is designed to offer the highest level of flexibility in facilitating Raman microsampling for a variety of applications. The BAC151 can be configured to fulfill the exact requirements of your application. The unique dual-laser-wavelength port provides the flexibility for one microscope to be coupled with two different laser wavelength Raman systems. The integrated camera allows for precision Raman sampling through camera monitoring of the laser beam and imaging details. Coupled with B&W Tek’s research-grade portable Raman spectrometers, it provides Raman microscopy capabilities in a small form factor at a fraction of the cost of most research instruments. The video head can easily be mounted to a tripod, facilitating use in field applications.