Industrial Raman Probe

Industrial Raman Probe
  • Industrial Raman Probe

Reference number: BWT-BAC101

Raman immersion probe from B&W Tek for in-situ analysis even in demanding industrial environments.


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Raman immersion probe for industrial measurement environments

The BAC101 industrial-grade probe is available with shafts of 316SS or Hastelloy C-276, offering a wide range of operating temperatures and chemical compatibility. Due to the extremely short working distance of the probe shaft, highly reproducible results are achieved working with the probe tip immersed in liquids, slurries, powders, or in direct contact with solids.

The standard fiber comes at a length of 1.5m and includes flexible fiber coupling, internal support and a durable protective PVC jacket. The excitation fiber has a 105 μm core diameter and is FC/PC terminated. The collection fibers for the HT models have a 300 μm core collection fiber and are FC/PC terminated, while standard models have a 200 μm core and are SMA 905 terminated.

For unpressurized measurements requiring longer working distances, such as going through glass reactors, Kalrez O-ring sealed shafts RIS100-FS (fused silica window) and RIS100-SA (sapphire window) are available.