Fiber Coupled Raman Trigger Probe

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Reference number: BWT-BAC102

Raman Trigger Probe BAC102 from B&W Tek can be used for a variety of applications due to the different versions. Flexible measurements can be performed with a trigger button on the probe head.


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Fiber Coupled Raman Trigger Probe

The BAC102 Raman Trigger Probe offers a trigger function which is designed for versatility in making Raman measurements. The probe can be brought directly to the sample and make contact with either the sample or the packaging of the sample via a detachable distance regulator that ensures proper focusing while minimizing contamination to the lens material. The trigger button provides the convenience of initiating measurement from the probe head.

Different versions of the probe with varying optical lenses allow for measurements down to 65cm-1 Raman shift (100 cm-1 for 1064 nm version). The standard fiber length of 1.5m includes flexible fiber coupling, internal support and durable protective PVC jacket. The excitation fiber has a 105 μm core diameter and is FC/PC terminated. The collection fibers for the high throughput models (HT) have a 300 μm core collection fiber and are FC/PC terminated, while standard models have a 200 μm core and are SMA 905 terminated.