Cuvette Holder

Cuvette Holder
  • Cuvette Holder
  • Cuvette Holder

Reference number: BWT-BCH100A/BCH103A

2 & 3 Port Cuvette Holders from B&W Tek for standard cuvettes (12,5 x 12,5 mm)


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2 & 3 Port Cuvette Holders

The BCH cuvette sample holder series is spring-loaded and holds a standard 12.5 x 12.5mm (OD) (1cm path length) cuvette for liquid or powder sample transmittance and absorbance with proper spectrometer and light source setup. The cuvette sample holder provides 2 or 3 (optional) SMA 905 fiber couplers with collimated optics and is ideal for use with any standard fiber coupled spectrometer together with any fiber coupled light source. The standard configuration (BCH100A) comes with two ports (straight through).  A third port configuration (BCH103A) is also available for right angle (with respect to the illuminations) detections for fluorescence applications.


- Fluorescence
- Reflectance
- Absorption