Spectral Reflectance Reference

Spectral Reflectance Reference
  • Spectral Reflectance Reference

Reference number: BWT-SRR

Spectral Reflectance Reference comprised of PTFE


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Spectral Reflectance Reference for reflectance measurements

The SRR spectral reflectance reference is used to measure a reference spectrum in order to calibrate your setup for reflectance measurements. This reference is possible because it is a “pure” white material, reflecting nearly 100% of light across a broad spectral range.

The SRR is comprised of PTFE contained in a protective circular metal housing. It has a diffuse reflectance of 99% between 400nm and 800nm, >98% between 300nm and 1800nm (UV-Vis-NIR region), and >92% between 250nm and 2500nm. The SRR is available in two diameters, 1.25” & 2.0”. Each standard is available with an optional diffuse reflectance data certificate from 250nm – 2500nm, at 50nm increments.

Ideal for Calibration of:

- Remote Sensing Instruments
- Integrating Sphere Systems
- Photographic Equipment
- Optical Equipment
- Reflectometers
- Densitometers