Fiber Optic Collimating Lenses

Fiber Optic Collimating Lenses
  • Fiber Optic Collimating Lenses

Reference number: BWT-CLA-SMA

Fused silica collimating lens for a broad spectral range UV-VIS-NIR


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Fused Silica collimating lens 

The CLA-SMA collimating lens is used to convert divergent rays of light into parallel rays. The lens is fabricated from fused silica and can be used over a broad spectral range (UV/Vis/NIR). The CLA-SMA attaches to an SMA 905 connector of a fiber optic patch cord and fiber assemblies. When used with a fiber cord attached to a light source, the CLA-SMA produces a parallel (collimated) beam of light. When the fiber cord is attached to a spectrometer, the CLA-SMA provides a narrow acceptance angle and narrow field-of-view.


- Irradiance Calibration
- Reflectance
- Absorption