SMART-Control Interface

SMART-Control Interface
  • SMART-Control Interface
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Reference number: STE-SMART-Control

The SMART-Control interface expands the connectivity options of StellarNet spectrometers by various standards like RS232, SPI, 4-20 mA analog and more.


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The SMART-Control Interface allows Stellarnet spectrometers to be connected and read-out via several communication standards for OEM or process enviroments. This add-on device contains the zAP2 Application Processor with 1 GB RAM and provides spectroscopic data via RS232, 4-20mA Analog for PLCs, SPI, WLAN, Ethernet and more.

Each Smart-Control will come preprogramed with the latest SpectraWiz Mobile App set.

The SMART-Control Device includes a 3 hours battery with uninterruptable power supply for online and process requirements.