Professional seminar laser safety standard EN 60825-1

Special seminar laser safety standard EN 60825-1
  • Special seminar laser safety standard EN 60825-1

Reference number: 014-LSN_EN60825

Duration: First day: 9 a.m. - approx. 5 p.m., second day: 9 a.m. - approx. 3 p.m.

Professional seminar about the classification of lasers according to the laser safety standard EN 60825-1


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Professional Seminar Laser Safety Standard EN 60825-1

Since 01/07/2015, the new version (edition 3.0) of the laser safety standard EN 60825-1 is in force.

In the specialized seminar offered by us, the classification of laser products based on this standard is dealt with. Following an introduction to the concept of laser classes, the regulations for determining the class of a laser product are discussed in detail - both with regard to the measurement conditions for determining the accessible radiation and the GZS values, especially those for the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1400 nm. Particular attention is paid Classification of low-power products, ie Class 1 to Class 3R, as well as complex cases such as extended sources and pulsed sources. The aim of the seminar is to provide a detailed and in-depth understanding of the requirements of EN 60825-1.  

About the lecturer: Karl Schulmeister of Seibersdorf Labor GmbH has been working as a consultant and test center manager for more than 20 years in the field of laser safety. At the IEC, he is the project manager for the third edition of the laser safety standard EN 60825-1. The changes to the limits and measurement conditions of issue 3 are largely based on the research work of his team. Dr. Schulmeister is the author of over 100 publications in the field of safety of laser and optical radiation and co-author of the manual "Laser Safety".


  • Principles of classification
  • Correlation with exposure limit values
  • Determination of accessible radiation, measuring conditions
  • Einfehlerbedingung, risk analysis
  • Extended sources, new time-dependent parameter alpha-max
  • Pulsed sources, new rules for factor C-5
  • Practical examples

Course requirements:

Basic knowledge of laser classes or of EN 60825-1 is an advantage

Target group:

Persons classifying low power laser equipment according to EN 60825-1.


Wednesday, May 24th to Thursday, May 25th, 2023


Courtyard by Marriott Oberpfaffenhofen, Friedrichshafener Str. 3A, 82205 Gilching

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