Deuterium Light Source

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Reference number: STE-SL3

Die weltweit kleinste, langlebige und hochleistungs-Deuterium-Lichtquelle für CW (continuous wave) Ultraviolet für die Bereiche von 190 - 450nm


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SL3 Deuterium Light Source for UV

Worlds smallest 4000 hour deuterium light source for CW (continuous wave) UltraViolet for the 190-450nm range.

Description - The SL3 Deuterium Light Source - emits a deep UV spectral output over the 190- 450nm range and higher. When using the StellarNet concave grating spectrometers, the SL3 level is good past 550nm. See the comparison graph showing spectral curves from concave grating and CT grating spectrometers.
DCX Lens Option - This add-on option increases the deuterium lamp intensity x7 times, and is highly recommended for highly absorbing samples and reflectance measurements.
Filter Options - Integrated filter holder fits standard size 0.5 inch diameter disk filters. The STE-U330-filter removes the deuterium spikes seen near 485nm.
UV and Vis Light - The optional STE-F400YB fiber optic bundle cable is used to combine the SL1 halogen and SL3 to cover wavelength ranges from 190-2200nm.

calibration certificate on request
UV Spectral Range - covers the deep UltraViolet spectral range from 190-450nm.
Long Life - 4,000 hour performance due to special air flow design and ultra quite fan operation. One of Stellar Net U.K. customers has reported continuous operation for over a year!
Exceptional Performance - designed for maximum stability with precision power control it is ideal for UV spectroscopy.
Portability - small size allows for use in field or mobile
spectroscopy applications.