Pika NUV2 - Near Ultraviolet Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

Pika NUV2
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Reference number: RES-Pika-NUV2

The unique near-ultraviolet hyperspectral imaging camera Resonon Pika NUV2 can measure visible and NUV light from 330 - 800 nm


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The Pika NUV2 is a unique hyperspectral camera that measures ultraviolet light. Birds and insects have ultraviolet vision, and many materials that appear similar to the human eye have distinct ultraviolet signals.

The Pika NUV2 can be used with any of our hyperspectral imaging systems for laboratory, outdoor and airborne remote-sensing applications. The benchtop systems designed for laboratory use are augmented with a special UV illumination to take full advantage of the UV range.

Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras can be operated using SpectrononPro software, which controls the cameras and scanning stage and has many tools to acquire and analyze hyperspectral data. SpectrononPro also has capability to accept user-written plugins, allowing the user to integrate custom data-analysis algorithms into SpectrononPro.

A free version of SpectrononPro, along with sample datacubes is available.

A C++ Software Development Kit is available for customers who want to integrate Resonon hyperspectral cameras into their own software system. Available in Windows and Linux.


Spectral Range 330 - 800 nm
Spectral Resolution 3.2 nm
Spectral Channels 255
Dispersion per Pixel = Spectral Sampling 1.8 nm
Spatial Channels 1500
Max Frame Rate 142 fps
Connection Options USB 3.0
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions (cm) 10.7 x 23.0 x 8.5

Objective lens specifications

Focal Length (mm) FOV (deg) IFOV (mrad)
24 20.5 1.00
60 8.4 0.40