Phrontier PHOX - Fastest solution for transmitting Camera Link data

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Reference number: PHT-PHOX

Fastest Camera Link fiber adapter for all camera link configurations. High transmission bandwith for distances up to 50 km.


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PHOX Camera Link Fiber Adapter

For all applications where a high transmission bandwith and/or long transmission distances are required. Several models are available to suit your Camera Links variant the best possible way. Transmission distances of the Camera Link signal of up to 50 km are no longer a problem.

Key features

  • Up to 10 Gb/s effective transmission bandwidth
  • Plug and play - No programming necessary
  • Optional 2- fiber LC duplex or 1-fiber LC simplex optical interface
  • Includes a full duplex RS232 for remote instrument control
  • 5 V - 24 V power supply
  • Transmission distances of up to 250 m (multi-mode) or 50 km (single mode)
  • CWDM-specific and single fiber options available upon request
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) - 147 mm x 88 mm x 42 mm

Available models

Base (discontinued -> PHOX-F)

24 bit, 66 MHz (85 MHz optional)

Model transmission distance
PHT-PHOX-BM-250 250 m
PHT-PHOX-BL-10 10 km
PHT-PHOX-BL-20 20 km
PHT-PHOX-BL-40 40 km
PHT-PHOX-BL-50 50 km

Dual Base

2x 24 bit, 66 MHz (85 MHz optional)

Model transmission distance
PHT-PHOX-B2M-250 250 m
PHT-PHOX-B2L-10 10 km
PHT-PHOX-B2M-A250 250 m (85 MHz)
PHT-PHOX-B2L-A10 10 km (85 MHz)

Medium (discontinued -> PHOX-F)

2 x 24 bit, 66 MHz (85 MHz optional)

Model transmission distance
PHT-PHOX-MM-250 250 m
PHT-PHOX-ML-10 10 km
PHT-PHOX-MM-A250 250 m (85 MHz)
PHT-PHOX-ML-A10 10 km (85 MHz)


10x8, 8x8 bit, 85 MHz (100 MHz optional)

Model transmission distance
PHT-PHOX-FM-300 300 m (Multi-mode duplex)
PHT-PHOX-FL-10 10 km (Single-mode duplex)
PHT-PHOX-FL-L10 10 km (Single-mode simplex)
PHT-PHOX-FL-Cxx CWDM  (Single mode)

Included items

  • 1x PHOX-CM (transmitter)
  • 1x PHOX-FG (receiver)
  • 2x 12V DC output international wall mount AC/DC power adapters with cable assembly
  • 2x DB9 male / female cable for RS232 (approx. 2 m)
    or 4x DB9 male / female cable for RS232 (approx. 2 m) for dual base