Seikoh Giken SFP-560A (New)

Seikoh Giken SFP-560A (New)
  • Seikoh Giken SFP-560A (New)

Artikel-Nr.: SEI-SFP-560A

The SFP-560A fiber polisher is Seikoh Giken’s newest premium production polisher and the first in the marketplace to incorporate our patent pending Dynamic Pressure Control (DPC) pressurization system.


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The unique DPC pressure technology offers a mass production platform incorporating highly stable, widely variable precision pressure control to the polishing Turntable. The pressure is applied from the bottom to the top. Moreover, SG’s advanced micro machining design guarantees polishing with perfect parallelism between the polisher's turntable and the rigidly clamped polishing holder by the 4 corners.

Combining proprietary bottom-up pressurization, precision speed & pressure control and rigid fixture parallelism, the SFP-560A series – while in DPC mode - realize epoxy removal of multi-fiber ferrule done by the SFP-560A polisher and perform multi-fiber polishing similar in simplicity to standard single fiber connector polishing.

Incorporating the 4 Corner Clamp Post locking system from the Legacy SFP-550 series, the SFP-560A polisher provides a wide range of benefits to the user ; 1) Backwards compatible with the full range of SFP-550 series IPC polishing holders*, 2) Open overhead work space for creative cable handling solutions for multi-fiber, large O.D cables.

Additional SFP-560A features include 1) Programmable polishing process up to 60 processes, 2) Four (4) multi-timers for manual polishing operation, 3) High Contrast, waterproof LCD Display with multi-language programming operation (ENG-CHN-SPN-JPN), 4) Selectable, password protected programming and operations modes for both administrators and users 5) Operation and Maintenance Data metrics transfer via USB interface.

* IPC fixture / holders are polished in IPC mode.

Application Mass production
Pressure Source Pressurized air
Dimensions W240xD370xH300mm
Weight 22Kg
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Polishing Capacity(maximum) 48
# of max programmable process 60
# of max steps in one process 8
Speed of Turntable Rotation : 0.7-2rpm (auto)
Revolution : 70 - 200rpm
Pressure Control 2N to 200N (Approx. 0.5 to
45lb) in DPC mode
Connector Type φ2.5mm PC, APC
φ1.25mm PC, APC
MT, mini-MT, Fiber Array