Barefiber Poliermaschine Ultrapol End&Edge

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Artikel-Nr.: ULT-Ultrapol-End/Edge

Für Anwendungen in Forschung und Entwicklung sowie Industrie bietet die Ultrapol End & Edge Poliermaschine die präzise Politur von Faserendflächen.


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Poliermaschine UltraPol End&Edge

Die Poliermaschine UltraPol End&Edge für Faserendflächen (Bare Fiber) bietet die Möglichkeit die Werkstücke in beliebigen Winkel zu schleifen. 

A variety of tool holders are available for the various applications:

  • Capillary and glass ferrules
  • Substrates with planar waveguides
  • Naked fibers plan / angle
  • Polish of optical crystals
  • Wafer and chip side / end surface machining

ULTRAPOL basic polishing machine

  • Additional power connection
  • Calibrated base plate
  • Magnetic switch controlled cooling system
  • speed control
  • Tachometer / Timer
  • 8 "aluminum polishing plate

Precision polishing head
  • +/- 10 degrees axial span
  • 360 degrees radial span
  • 0.0001 "(0.0025mm) linear resolution