Lumentum Solid-State CW lasers

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Artikel-Nr.: JDP-DPSS-CW

These DPSS lasers have very low noise and excellent beam quality. They have been designed for easy integration.


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Lumentum DPSS CW (JDSU)

Lumentum DPSS CW lasers cover a wide range of wavelengths: 488 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm, 1319 nm and also 1080 nm with power up to 4.2 kW. These DPSS lasers have very low noise and excellent beam quality. They have been designed for easy integration. Some products offer an option for fiber coupling into a single-mode fiber. Typical applications include metrology, interferometry, DNA sequencing, and flow cytometry.

Abilities of the Lumentum DPSS CW

Continuous-wave, solid-state FCD (frequency-converted diode) series lasers feature all-in-fiber architecture. A package contains both the optical elements of the laser and the control electronics, allowing full control and diagnostics of the laser system through an analog interface and RS232 interface. Powered by an external 5 V DC power supply, the Lumentum DPSS CW is cost-efficient, reliable, and compact, with excellent electrical and thermal efficiency. It has a low heat load, so the laser operates without a heat sink.

The Lumentum DPSS CW is available in different versions

Based on proprietary technology, the FCD series enables consistent high-volume laser manufacturing with a “package, splice, and test” design. The components are put in hermetic packaging—the fibers are spliced together—and the Lumentum DPSS CW is tested.

FCD series lasers are available in two versions: free space and a fiber-delivered version with the same characteristics and
reliability as the free-space laser.

Features of the Lumentum DPSS CW Laser

The, continuous wave, 532 nm, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, CDPS532, feature a laser head and multi-function controller that provide up to 50 mW of single-longitudinal mode optical power with remarkable beam quality and exceptional optical noise characteristics. Diagnostic features include critical laser parameters such as output power, pump diode current, and operating hours. Control functions include system interlocks, optical power control, and more. We’ve combined Lumentum continuous-wave diode-pumped solid-state technologies with a precision beam-shaping telescope to offer a low-divergence laser with excellent optical mode quality. The CDPS532S features an extremely compact, cost-effective, and efficient design by eliminating final collimating optics. This design element permits installing in confined spaces with direct coupling into OEM optical assemblies.

CDPS532S controllers are powered by 5 VDC and incorporate analog and RS232 interfacing for all necessary laser system control and diagnostics.
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