Automatischer Desktop Reiniger SPR-1

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Artikel-Nr.: SEI-FerrulePro-SPR-1

FerrulePro ist der weltweit erste vollautomatische Tischreiniger für Glasfaserstecker in der Kabelkonfektion und im Labor.


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FerrulePro is the worlds first fully automated desktop fiber connector cleaner for cable assembly production environments and laboratory.
FerrulePro automates the cleaning of all types of terminated fiber products, a critical task where performance once depended largely on the production line workers skill.



Weight Main unit:2kg, Replaceable cassette:0.5kg
Environment CE/PSE
PowerSupply AC100?240V?50?60Hz
Cleaning Media Cleaning paper, Replaceable cassette
Applicable Connector SC/FC/ST/LC/MU connectors and ferrules PC, APC tips
Life pf Cleaning cassette 10.000 times cleaning per cassette
Cleaning time 3sec. / connector
Standard set Main unit(1pce), cassette(1pce), Cleaning Holder(7pcs), 
AC power cable(1pce), Opetating Manual(1pce)