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Artikel-Nr.: MPD-PSD

MPD Pikosekunden-Delay ist ein Modul, das Ausgangsimpulse mit vom Benutzer wählbarer Verzögerung und Ausgangsimpulsdauer erzeugen kanny.


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MPD Picosecond Delayer

MPD Picosecond Delayer is a module capable to generate output pulses with user-selectable delay and output pulse duration, in respect to the rising or falling edge of the input signal.

This new instrumentation, completely based on solid-state components, sets a new milestone with best in class precision, time-jitter and stability over a wide range of temperatures, not even matched by standard coaxial cables.

  • Fine adjustable picosecond delayer: 10ps resolution and programmable output width
  • Very high bandwidth and low jitter: Up to 380 MHz with random jitter of 5ps RMS
  • Dual output: TTL and NIM
  • High performance uniformity: INL between +50ps & -100ps

Module features:
  • 50 ns maximum delay range
  • 10 ps step
  • TTL and NIM output pulses
  • Up to 380 MHz bandwidth (NIM output)
  • Programmable output width from 1 ns to 250 ns
  • INL between +50 ps and -100 ps over full-scale range and for all temperatures
  • Random jitter typ. 5 ps RMS
  • < 1 ms programming time
  • USB interface
  • All solid state, no coax cables