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These simple negative lenses alone form a virtual image of a distant object or a collimated light source. In combination with other optics they reduce the power of the system.

This laser beam profiler features a CMOS sensor that guarantees frame rates of up to 60 Hz with high dynamics and is suitable for large beam diameters up to 11 mm.

The cylindrical plano-convex lens has a convex curvature in vertical direction and no curvature in horizontal direction. They are often used to condense a laser beam into a thin line.

The StellarNet BLUE-Wave miniature spectrometer is a fiber optically coupled instrument with a wide selection of models for measurements in 200 - 1150 nm wavelength ranges.


These are infinity corrected objectives with high NA for laser processing.
Acromatic doublets are cemented achromats consisting of two different lenses: Positive low dispersion crown glass and negative high dispersion flint glass.