CLETOP Cleaning Stick 2.0 mm

CLETOP Stick Cleaners
  • CLETOP Stick Cleaners

Artikel-Nr.: USC-Cle-Stick-2 - 14715

CLETOP Stick 2 mm (200 pcs/Set)


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The CLETOP stick cleaners use a micro woven fabric for the cleaning medium that can be used for dry only or wet-dry cleaning. The CLETOP stick cleaners provide excellent cleaning performance in bulkhead connection and optical modules. The CLETOP cleaning sticks are available for 1.25 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm based connectors, transceiver interfaces, and lenses.

CLETOP Stick Cleaners Features:
• Accommodates small form factor duplex, single fiber connectors, transceiver receptacles and lenses
• Suitable for factory or field use
• Works in hard to reach areas
• Fiber optic cable assemblies
• Testing laboratories
• Industrial applications
• Scientific equipment
• Medical applications