Ultra Broadband Dielectric Half Mirrors


Reference number: OSE-PMH-25.4C03-10-25/7

These half mirrors have 4 types of ultra-wideband optics suitable for UV to IR applications.

Wavelength Range in nm
Diameter in mm

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  • Parallelism W: 5
  • Surface flatness of substrate: λ/10
  • Coating: Front surface: Dielectric multi-layer coating Rear surface: Multi-layer anti-reflection coating
  • Incident angle [°]: 45
  • Divergence ratio (reflectance : transmittance): 1:1
  • Laser Damage Threshold [J/cm2] : 0.5
  • Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig): 10-5
  • Clear aperture: 90% of actual aperture