Hybrid Cube Half Mirrors


Reference number: OSE-HBCH-10-550

Low polarization cube half mirrors can be used for broadband visible and infrared light. The hybrid coating is a special combination of metallic and dielectric multilayers resulting in a low polarizing and broadband coating.

Wavelength Range in nm
A - B - C in mm

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  • Material: BK7
  • Reflectance:R; Transmittance [%] : 45±10%(550nm)
  • Polarization dependency Tp-Ts [%]: <10
  • Surface flatness of substrate: λ/4
  • Beam Deviation: 5
  • Coating: Hypotenuse surface: Hybrid coating (dielectric multi-layer coating and metallic coating) Four surfaces: Multi-layer anti-reflection coating
  • Incident angle [°]: 0
  • Divergence ratio (reflectance : transmittance): 1:1
  • Laser Damage Threshold [J/cm2] : 0,3
  • Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig): 40-20
  • Clear aperture: 85% of actual dimension