converter optic, UV

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Reference number: DAT-Converter-UV

By means of the described UV converter optics the measurement of the intensity distribution of UV laser radiation with standard Si-based CCD or CMOS cameras is possible.


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High Power LED UV Spot


In the UV converter optics special fluorescence plates transform incoming UV radiation into the VIS range. The transformed intensity distribution is imaged with an integrated high quality optic on the camera sensor chip.

All systems can be connected to the camera system with a C-mount thread and an additional 10 mm distance ring.

  • 4 different converter crystals
  • Different standard apertures, max. 47 mm
  • typ. resolution 5 µm
  • achromatic, diffraction limited optic
  • integrated iris aperture
  • maintenance free, no aging effects

Parameter: Specification
max. avarage power: 4 W typ. (model dependend)
max. energy density: 0.5 J/cm2
dynamic range: typ. 1:10.000
lin. range: 4 - 5 orders of magnitude (model dependend)
resolution: 5 - 10 µm (model dependend,laser parameter dependend)