Together with their international partners, Laser 2000 regularly presents interesting webcasts on important topics and the latest developments in the photonics industry. Here you will find the dates of future online events as well as recordings of our previous webcasts.

Follow our previous on-demand webcasts:

Industrial LED Lightings for SWIR and Multispectral Applications 08 Jun 2022 English watch contact
Infrared: A World Beyond the Visible 23 Feb 2022 English watch contact
Ihr Laserlabor - Die richtige Entscheidung vom optischen Tisch bis zur passenden Komponente 15 Sep 2021 German watch contact
In-situ monitoring of LASER processing operation with high speed SWIR camera 07 Jul 2021 English watch contact
Narrow Bandwidth DBR-Laser diodes for quantum information systems and spectroscopy 09 Jun 2021 English watch contact
MPLC Beamshaping for Microprocessing and High-Power Lasers 12 May 2021 English watch contact
Advanced diode laser technology for industrial and mainstream 3D sensor applications 14 Apr 2021 English watch contact
Basics and Applications in Spectroscopy 10 Mar 2021 English watch contact
The new super resolution microscope OptoNano 200 10 Feb 2021 English watch contact
Sicherheit geht vor - Ein Überblick zum Laserschutzs 21 Jan 2021 German watch contact
From Laser Sources to Software: The Key factors for Beam Profilings 09 Dec 2020 English watch contact
UVC-LEDs for Disinfection in times of Covid-19s 10 Nov 2020 English watch contact
Machine Vision Imaging with Very High Definition SWIR Camerass 07 Oct 2020 English watch contact
Hyperspectral Imaging for Agricultures 10 Sep 2020 English watch contact
Evolution of 2-Photon Microscopy with femtosecond ALCOR lasers 23 Jul 2020 English watch contact