Caméras VI
Caméras VI

Les caméras sont nécessaires pour générer les données d'image sous-jacentes de chaque application de traitement d'image. Les utilisateurs peuvent choisir entre des caméras de surface standard (monochromes ou couleur), des caméras spéciales pour l'imagerie UV, IR ou spectroscopique, des caméras 3D avec triangulation laser, et des caméras de vision stéréo et de temps de vol (ToF).

Resonon´s complete hyperspectral imaging systems for laboratory and outdoor applications. Hyperstpectral imaging camera, tripod with laptop tray, rotational scanning stage and software are included.

The Resonon airborne system is a turnkey solution, for the analyzation of georegistered hyperspectral data. It includes all necessary hardware and software in one light and stable system which can be mounted on a drone or a manned aircraft.

Resonon´s hyperspectral benchtop systems are specifically designed for laboratory use and include all components and software for recording and analyzing hyperspectral data cubes.

The compact Xenics Bobcat 320 camera series provides high sensitivity in the short wave infrared, in a size, weight and power optimized package.
The thermally stabilized Xenics Bobcat 640 series ensures constant high image quality in various conditions.
The Xenics Xeva 320 series provides a very flexible camera, especially suited for research and development applications.
The Cheetah camera series by Xenics, as world´s fastest InGaAs-camera, delivers up to 1700 VGA-Frames per second for demanding applications in high speed.


The Xenics Gobi camera series provide high accuracy thermography measurements with a sensitivity of down to 50 mK.