x-light optical bypass

XL-Optischer Bypass
  • XL-Optischer Bypass

Reference number: EKS-XL-Optischer Bypass

x-light ensures a safe communication even in case of device failure by optically bypassing the defective node so that a permanent data transmission is guaranteed.


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XL-Optical Bypass

x-light is manufacturer and protocol independent so that it perfectly integrates into every network, regardless of the structure (ring or line).

x-light is activated once the voltage is lower than the adjusted voltage level. Furthermore, the system can be controlled flexibly via the trigger input, e.g. in case of service or failures.x-light provides highest availability in multi- or singlemode fiber optic networks.

Additional features are a high temperature range, a redundant power supply, a cost effective solution because it needs no additional UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and it reduces service costs.The stainless steel housing offers an extremely high degree of flexibility and safety for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications. It can either be mounted onto a DIN EN rail or fastened onto the wall.