Polish Disc

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Reference number: FIS-Polierhalter

When hand polishing fiber optic connectors, you can't afford to leave anything to chance. These Fiber Optic Hand Polishing Discs, or hockey pucks as some installers call them, enable you to achieve quality endface finishes and consistent results time after time.


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Polish Disc

The following plug types are available:

Item number Plug types
FIS-Polierhalter-2,5 Universal for FC,SC,ST
FIS-FC-Polierhalter FC/PC
FIS-FC/APC-Polierhalter FC /APC
FIS-SC-Polierhalter SC
FIS-SC/APC-Polierhalter SC / APC
FIS-ST-Polierhalter ST
FIS-ST-Polierhalter/4 ST / 4 Plugs
FIS-LC-Polierhalter LC
FIS-LC/MU-Polierhalter LC + MU
FIS-LC/APC-Polierhalter LC/APC
FIS-SMA-Polierhalter SMA
FIS-MTRJ-Polierhalter MTRJ