Polish Film

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Reference number: FIS-Polierfolien

Fiber optic polishing films improve the optical performance of your connectors and reduce costs!


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Polish Film

To achieve the proper finish or "polish" on your fiber optic connector endface, you must use a quality fiber optic polish film.  You must also polish the endface in successive steps, using different size grits.

We offer wide range of fiber optic polishing films and grit sizes to take you through the multiple steps involved in the polishing process. Our fiber optic polishing film is available in 9" X 13" or 9" X 6.5" sheets, in either Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide. 

In addition to fiber optic polish film, we offer many related products including polish discs or "pucks," polish plates, pads, and mats. We also have a complete line of fiber optic cleaners and other consumables used in the polishing process. Automated polishing machines and accessories are also available, including precision machine polishing discs, pads and lapping films.  Our quality fiber optic polishing products can help ensure that there will be no defects in your fiber optic connector endfaces that could interfere with the efficient transfer of light.